Sazzy Lee Varga biography

Official website:
Date of Birth: 0000-00-00
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches
Measurements: 345-25-35
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Playmate of the Month: not yet
Additional info: Sazzy Lee Varga was one of Playboy Magazine's original "Women of the Internet" But this is not just a woman who never lets you forget you’re a man. She Brings home the bacon; According to a recent press release, "Sazzy Lee Varga has agreed to appear alongside Curtis Armstrong, Corbin Bernson and Tracy Scoggins in and an Eric Schiffer directed film for Trainingscape Studios. And - according to the press release "Super Model Varga beat out Cindy Margolis for the role." “Like a Rock” a feature short, will star Varga as the girl friend of "Risky Business” star Armstrong who embarks in a quest as a first time director.

Varga inked contracts for three more TSC Studio films alongside such names as Rachel Hunter, Robert Wagner and Faye Dunaway. Meanwhile, Varga has also done sexy voice overs to a script written by Emmy, award winner Scott Peterson.

But that's not all the bacon this lady brings home, her modeling credits resume ranges from STUFF, that very manly magazine for guys who need the latest stuff while looking at beautiful women to; Total Skater to Easyriders to Hot Boat and of course the appearance in Playboy. She has done ads from swimwear to tech and videos and TV. Now, here's the rub...She keeps her clothes on...well, except for that Playboy thing...but this beauty who loves to glamour model takes a very unique view of the business.

When I told her what I was thinking of calling this article she said, “‘Eye Poppin' Eye Candy - The life of a Modern Pin Up’ I like it!"

And why no nudity, not even on her Website at ? "I relate to the glamorous eras of photography and remembering the art of Alberto Vargas and the Varga and Vargas Girls. For me, its about the romance of the image. I have photos where I am nude but don't show anything and it has a great feel."

Speaking of Websites, a search will find her at between 500 and 800 locations on the web. I asked her which ones she wanted to mention and she said "" are enough for people to get started.

But what about all the nudity on the Internet, how do you compete in such a market place? "The images I am after are the evolution of the classics. My goal is to create images for this era that will stand the test of time and have that elusive but universal fantasy ...and that's not all the nudity on the Internet."

Ok so this lady can bring home the bacon, and checking her site never lets a man forget he's a man but can she fry it up in the pan? As a matter of fact "I’m authoring a cookbook right now, low calorie, healthy with an Italian flare." Now there’s a cover photo that Betty Crocker will never do. Her site offers excerpt recipes from the book.

Not forgetting that Varga was one of Playboy's original women of the Internet, she recognized early the Web's potential. Recently, Varga has employed her Web skills to create a site for Tibetan Monks living in exile at the Drepung Monastery in southern India. The site documents the monk's use of cameras for the first time to document their lives. Co-founded with Photographer Joe Mickey, the project has received national attention in Art & Antiques magazine and it went seriously mainstream when it was featured in the July 28 Intelligence Report column in Parade magazine. The site can be found at

Back on the glamour front, Varga's most recent glamour efforts have included working with several artists who produce modern-day pin-up images on canvas and large scale photographic prints that allow decorators to decorate with glamour.

Sazzy Lee Varga is a very modern Woman. Men do not exploit her and she has no interest in militant feminists telling her what a woman should do with her life or her looks either. Sazzy Lee Varga: Model, Actress, Beauty and darn independent woman. It's about time.