Devin DeRay biography

Official website:
Date of Birth: 1973-07-11
Place of Birth: Indiana
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 178 cm - 5 feet and 10 inches
Weight: 56 kg - 123 lbs
Measurements: 418-23-28
Ethnicity: Latin
Playmate of the Month: not yet
Additional info: Devin DeRay was born in Indiana July 1973. Adopted as a baby
she grew up with her parents and brother on a 200+ acre farm
in rural Avilla Indiana. She spent most days doing chores
playing school and supermarket with the various farm animals. Her respect and appreciation of animals grew and she became
an avid equestrian. To this day she competes and is one of
the premier pro am dressage riders in the Southwestern United States. While she is a farm girl at heart, being a diva was
inevitable. Even as a barefoot country bumpkin she dreamed of the days when she could dress up with fake lashes, winged
eyeliner, and high heels. She was often caught sneaking into
her mothers vanity to gaze in wonderment at the Avon Rose
Mauve lipstick that her mother had stashed away there. After
a visit with her aunt and an introduction to the television
her fate was sealed. She had discovered her early influences
in The Catwoman, Ginger, and Jeanie. She also gained
inspiration from the occasional Sears catalogue and the
yearly Miss America Pageant. Years of climbing trees, ballet, and riding horses paid off and she developed the strong but
feminine physique that her fans have come to know and love.
She underwent breast implant surgery at age 19 but maintained her natural unaffected 21 inch waist. Shortly after, she
enjoyed a successful reign as one of the most published men's magazine models anywhere and she graced the cover of almost
everything. A move to L A that was supposed to further her
career proved to be disastrous. L A was too much too soon for the farm girl with the big city body. Her unhealthy failed
relationship with an NBA star, naivet´┐Ż, and prescription drug
abuse led her to a foolish, failed, and short lived stint in
xxx. When the drugs were gone the damage was done. She has
since tried to return to her roots and is an active
participant in many regional animal rescue organizations.
Rarely does a day go by that she is not at the barn with her
animals doing what she loves the most. She now concentrates
on her animals, self forgiveness, and running her production
company. She still loves fake lashes, winged eyeliner and
high heels.